No Surprises. No Headaches.

We know the difficulties with integrating with a single system, and how it compounds when you’ve got many to worry about.  ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight is designed to make the process straightforward and clearly communicated. We provide clear-cut documentation and project plans to facilitate a smooth integration, taking as little of your time as possible.

Project Plan

No implementation is run well without a clear plan of the project. ORHub provides a Master Project Plan, highlighting stakeholders and their responsibilities and timelines. #project_plan #efficient #needed #i_want_that

ETL Specifications

ORHub provides clear ETL Requirement documentation to eliminate guesses. This document includes all data types, structures, field and file name conventions. This is the critical piece to get required data feeds up and running quickly. #etl #documentation #i_need_that

Implementation & Business Rules Checklist

ORHub provides a clear checklist of requirements before engaging the IT team. This helps eliminate much of the back and forth that typically causes slow downs and lengthens integrations.