VendorHub‌™ & VendorPay‌™

VendorHub‌™ & VendorPay‌™

The VendorHub™ application facilitates and strengthens this relationship by capturing, creating and centralizing valuable and expensive information at the point-of-surgery to replace outdated manual, paper-driven and fragmented processes, currently the industry standard. ORHub's single source of active information simplifies the business, delivers new automation, creates uniformity so all medical implant vendors can work more closely with their hospital customers.
VendorPay‌™ is an automated and cloud-based payment and communication portal, allowing medical implant vendors and healthcare facilities the opportunity to significantly improve profitability by leveraging innovation to disrupt dated processes and reduce currently over-extended _Case-2-Cash™ time periods. This dynamic payment and communication application interacts on the back-end of ORHub’s VendorHub™ module that integrates with hospital master-billing systems to provide procurement departments with streamlined reconciliation, reduction in transaction time, compressed revenue cycles with high-precision accuracy.

Reduce amount of data entry. Shift the burden of entering implants to Vendor.

Precise & efficient processing of orders. Nurse verified quantities & accurate pricing.

Immediate notification when a PO# is assigned. Use your mobile device in the OR to create DOs & receive PO#s.

Improve hospital cash on hand. Reduce time from case complete to billing.