Many hospitals and vendors today rely on paper forms and handwritten notes to track everything that happens in the operating room, from the details of a procedure to the implants and tools used. This leads to mistakes, missing data, delays or lack of payment, time wasted, and little opportunity for analysis and improvement.

ORHub’s digital platform: 

  • Eliminates errors caused by poor handwriting

  • Reduces opportunity for mistakes by allowing users to select from pre-loaded sets of detailed implants and tools rather than relying on memory or catalogue numbers alone

  • Further reduces errors by requiring verification and sign-off from multiple users before completing a case

  • Creates purchase orders and implant records automatically based on the case record, saving time and improving reliability

  • Fits within existing operating room workflow and requirements, streamlining tasks to save time

  • Enables rich data analysis across all of a hospital’s cases tracked through ORHub

    • Do comparable surgeries cost the same?

    • What types of implants does a surgeon prefer?

    • Were the implants used reasonable, given the details of the procedure?

    • What inventory do we need to restock?