What is Surgical Spotlight?

ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight is a cloud-based analytics tool that helps administrators, nurse leaders and surgeons make improved business decisions for the Operating Room. By taking simple data feeds from the hospital’s Operating Room Information System, ORHub produces a functional yet elegant dashboard that allows users to easily identify opportunities for improvement. Spotlight is designed to be easy to implement and quick to learn.

Illuminate Your Data

The Spotlight series of products exist to enable healthcare providers by providing greater insight into how their services run.  With better tools for decision making, providers can trust the changes they make to process, structure, rooms, etc, will be the right one, and will create the greatest returns.

Key Performance Indicators

To get the right outcome, you need the right starting point. ORHub Surgical Spotlight focuses on 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including:

  • OR & PACU Volume

  • OR & PACU Occupancy

  • On Time Starts

  • Turnover: Room & Procedure

  • Cancellations

  • Overlapping Surgery

  • Scheduling Accuracy

  • Staff Utilization

  • Block Utilization

  • Cost Per Case


Visualizing your data in one succinct location is critical to understand how your organization is run, and where it can improve. ORHub provides critical dashboards to show you what you need to know at a glance. Drill down, deep insights are also available.


All this information means nothing if its not available when you need it. Surgical Spotlight provides the following automated reports to empower key stake holders:

  • Daily Surgical Receipt

  • Weekly Facility Report

  • Monthly Service Line Scorecard

  • Quarterly Executive Update


Pay for what you use

Healthcare service contracts can be difficult at best. At ORHub we make it easy to get started.  All our Spotlight products are pay per use.  Once you’re up and running, you’ll only pay per case, plus a small annual licensing fee.

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