Run a Tight Ship.

Unknowns and inconsistencies are the challenges of any Perioperative Department.  ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight provides data, helping steer conversations with constructive information to lessen the stresses that affect surgical staff, patients, and their families. Spotlight gives you insight into many operational activities in a concise format on a cloud based, compliant platform. As evidence of the efficacy of Spotlight, ORHub has gained approval to present at nursing forums and offer 1.2 contact hours toward Continuing Education Units (CEU) from Terri Goodman, RN, Phd. & Associates, an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing (provider number CEP 16550).

On-Time Starts Report

Confidently providing accurate data for leadership and the surgical team. Not only will the surgical team appreciate this information, patients and their family have a schedule they can rely on to help reduce stress. The On-Time Starts Report increases visibility and accountability of current workflows or workflow changes that will enhance efficiencies. With trends over time and total late minutes accounted for, this report will initiate and quickly help to ensure a targeted approach to become the basis for a multifaceted collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologist and the surgical team.

Schedule Accuracy Report

Scheduling is where it all begins. An account over time of the accuracy of scheduled cases, this will ensure case booking is running optimally and is correct, based on the scheduled procedure. Use this report for validation to ensure your current processes in place are working and maximize the accuracy of the scheduled cases and outlier situations. Conversations with the Scheduling staff and surgeons will help to understand where general improvements can be made and how to better manage the scheduling activities.

OR Occupancy Report

Operating rooms are one of the most costly areas of hospital operations. It is clear that a breakdown of OR Occupancy by day of week and hour of day will identify the variables. This report is prepared in a data analytics format to leverage and optimize room utilization and your staffing needs. This report will help keep your staffing in line with actual demand of booked surgical cases.

Cadence Report

A look into the average case lifecycle of any given surgeon. Based on all provided case timings, this report shows the breakdown of how an average case is managed from wheels-in to incision, from incision to suture, suture to wheels-out, and average PACU recovery time. The Cadence Report is critical for understanding which portions of a case need to be reviewed with the surgical team to ensure optimal efficiencies of the total surgical experience for the staff and patient.

Weekly Facility Report

A weekly data analytics summary assisting you in current activities and trends of surgical case volumes, on-time starts, booking accuracy and cancellations. This report enables you to facilitate change and act quickly to address operational issues in a timely manner.