Be a Cut Above.

ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight gives you the insight and information to run your OR at its best. We provide empirical evidence proving your efficient utilization of this highly sought after resource. Spotlight provides daily insight into your cases empowering you to verify the data before its consumed into reports, and helping to improve communication across the OR.

Surgical Case Receipt

A daily accounting of your cases. This receipt gives you insight into the data captured in your OR and its accuracy. It also provides visibility into the data used for Surgical Spotlight reports, allowing opportunities for conversation and correction in a timely manner.

Block Utilization Report

A complete analysis of your block allocation including your In-Block, Overbook, and Out-of-Block percentage. This report is critical for identifying where you are doing well, and where you can improve utilization of your OR.

Monthly Surgeon Metrics

An automated monthly report delivering you a month-over-month comparison on critical statistics for your cases. This report summarizes output from the Block Utilization Report, focusing on the most important daily metrics (In-Block, Overbook, Out-of-Block) on a easy to read calendar.

Cost-Per-Case Report

Not all cases are created equal, which leaves apples to apples comparisons difficult to make. Use the Cost-Per-Case report to gain insights into how your cases financially compare across the facility, targeting only those cases that are truly similar. This can be a powerful tool for negotiating expenditures and justifying gains sharing.

Overlapping Surgeries Report

Understand the operational impact of your overlapping surgeries. This report brings timely and trusted analytics to the often difficult conversation about the effectiveness of running multiple ORs in parallel.