The Informed Advantage.

ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight helps to simplify the complex decisions that arise every day. We use daily data feeds to deliver actionable reports that provide timely insight into utilization across your institutions. Spotlight provides the guidance you need to improve your institutional operations and helps you solve the right problems at the right time.

Case Volume Report

A powerful, interactive report allowing you unfettered access to your case volume data across any given facility. This report provides the insight you need to understand how efficient your cases are running, how to balance equipment usage, recognize staffing needs, and where daily advances can be made in operations.

Block Utilization Report

A complete analysis of your block allocation including blockholder's In-Block, Overbook, and Out-of-Block percentage. This report is critical for identifying re-allocations that will have the biggest impact on utilization and performance.

Automated Quarterly Executive Updates

A quarterly summary of your facilities activities. Includes a breakdown by service line compared to the previous year, as well total spend for the top 20 procedures across all facilities to keep your finger on the pulse of your most precious resource, the OR.

Tried and tested documentation for decision guidance

The full handbook of data usage and calculations for each KPI, available for all users to enable the best outcomes from Surgical Spotlight.

Guidance around complex calculations

Short, consumable videos providing calculation examples and details, helping you to understand how your data is used to form reports, as well as direction to easily navigate each report to find what you need quickly.

Top tier account management

Knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions on how to get the most out of ORHub's Surgical Spotlight. We understand the challenges you face, and are here to assist you in identifying successful opportunities.

Simplified contract and pricing

Pay-Per-Case pricing enables easy to understand contracts, with no cancellation fees, and a simple implementation that can take weeks (not months) to reduce time, allowing you to have surgical information at your fingertips.