Monthly Archives : December 2018

ORHub Announces Placement on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource

ORHub announces placement on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource to expand sales lead generation. Microsoft Azure Marketplace is where existing Azure customers can find new products to facilitate hospital IT staff to support internal customers. Microsoft AppSource is a business marketplace where Microsoft’s internal sales teams are incentivized to find solutions for their customers.

ORHub Announces Planned Implementation of Surgical SpotlightTM Across Three Health Systems

ORHub announces the planned implementation of its Surgical Spotlight™ data analytics platform across three health systems in California and Florida.
The multi-dimensional nature of the OR suite makes it difficult to optimize efficiency. ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight™ advanced analytics platform disrupts legacy systems to drive operational improvements by replacing trial-and-error and manual processes through state-of-the-art technology.