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Release Notes: Surgical time cost breakdown in Cadence

Our latest release adds a surgical time cost breakdown to the cadence KPI’s dashboard. The cost of running an OR can be significant. Recent research showing it averages between $36 and $37 a minute! We’ve also made a few efficiency improvements and dramatically sped up the loading speed of the landing dashboard.

Surgical Time Cost Breakdown in Cadence

One of our customers requested a cost per minute breakdown of their surgery costs. In true ORHub fashion we made the feature available to all of our customers. The cadence view now shows a cost breakdown of surgery. This is based on intra-operative and post-operative costs for all of the cases being viewed. When you hover over each surgeon’s cadence bar we show the breakdown of time cost for that surgeon. This can help lend some financial perspective on how the surgical team is improving.

The cost breakdown can help focus efforts – for instance we can see that there’s a pretty broad variance in late minutes on this view. Our on-time start report can help determine what the primary causes of those late starts are, and help target efforts for improvement. If you who want the details on a case by case basis, the breakdown we announced a few weeks ago showing the cadence graph in the case viewer is very helpful.

Cadence View showing the Surgical Time Cost Breakdown
Surgical Time Cost Breakdown in Cadence View

Before we roll this out at your facility we need a couple key pieces of information. We’ll be connecting over the next couple weeks to help you get set up. But if you’re excited about the feature, please reach out to your support team and we’ll update it ASAP!