ORHub Inc. Chief Medical Officer, Bobby Lazzara Sheds Light on the Value of Incorporating Fundamental Key Performance Indicator Data, and Streamlining for Substantial Cost Controls

Comparing Traditional Daily Procedures, Dr. Lazzara Reveals How Strong Profitability Can be Heightened Through the Integration of ORHub’s Advanced Analytics

NEW YORK (July 25, 2019) – ORHub Inc. (OTC: ORHB), a cloud-based healthcare analytics company, on a mission to optimize the business of surgery through lean process improvement, today released a brief presentation, where focus was drawn to how Perioperative Leadership stands to benefit from the simple ability to harness the daily procedural costs.

Dr. Lazzara describes issues not yet addressed in the industry, “Behaviors that can center focus on team building and the development of surgical systems is approaching hospital systems nationwide, saving millions of dollars in improved patient access, all at the same time!”

In this educational video segment, ORHub Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert “Bobby” Lazzara, describes how the ORHub Surgical Receipts create state of the art solutions, effectively eliminating overinflated spending through limitations involved with antiquated resources incapable of processing real-time analytics.

ORHub’s analytics product Surgical Spotlight® is a cloud-based analytics tool that helps perioperative leaders such as physicians, nurses and administrators spot trends and outliers with curated performance indicators, increasing efficiency, decreasing costs and improving patient access in the operating room.

Medical News Minute provides further details on ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight application in this brief video featuring Dr. Lazzara.

ORHub’s vision is to place Surgical Spotlight® into as many operating rooms as possible, utilizing streaming videos and digital apps for increased patient and provider education. In addition to surgical specialties, Surgical Spotlight® covers procedurally oriented specialties include the interventional cardiology lab, interventional radiology lab or gastrointestinal lab. Surgical Spotlight®, since its launch earlier this year, continues gaining market traction and system penetration.

About ORHub

ORHub is a growth-stage data analytics company on a mission to optimize the Business of Surgery through lean process improvement. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, ORHub leverages the Azure cloud to help customers unlock the power in their data captured in the OR. Surgical Spotlight® helps providers harness that data, identify millions of dollars in opportunities, and get leaders back to their primary focus: improving care, increasing patient access and reducing costs. A first-of-kind team building tool brings all stakeholders together with regular and accessible information. ORHub specializes in business intelligence for the operating room, built by professionals from the operating room. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.ORHub.com.

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