ORHub, Inc. Announces Partnership with Medical News Minute

CEO, Dr. Bobby Lazzara, Begins a Campaign of Targeted Digital Assets To Drive Exposure

TEMPE, Ariz., Aug. 15, 2019 – via NetworkWire – ORHub, Inc. (OTC: ORHB) (“ORHub” or the “Company”), a Microsoft Silver Partner and cloud-based healthcare intelligence company focused on the business of surgery, today announced a partnership with Medical News Minute (“Medical News Minute” or “MNM”), a physician-directed medical broadcast media company. The two specialized companies will join efforts to increase exposure of ORHub’s Surgical Spotlight®.

“Upon first introduction to ORHub Surgical Spotlight®, I saw nothing but opportunity and an inevitable partnership on the horizon,” said Dr. Bobby Lazzara, Chairman and CEO of ORHub. “This tool will be an invaluable and critical resource in every OR, exponentially increasing productivity and benefitting physicians, healthcare organizations, and patients,” continued the former critical care and cardio thoracic surgeon.

With a focus on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, the collaboration will develop and introduce novel approaches to further enhance ORHub Surgical Spotlight®. Dr. Lazzara explains, “We are creating innovative digital assets for both physicians and patients to increase engagement and improve OR efficiency which in turn promote improved procedure outcomes.”

About ORHub, Inc.

ORHub is a growth stage data analytics company on a mission to optimize the Business of Surgery through lean process improvement. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, ORHub leverages the Azure cloud to help customers unlock the power in their data captured in the OR. Surgical Spotlight® helps providers harness that data, identify millions of dollars in opportunities, and get leaders back to their primary focus: improving care, increasing patient access and reducing costs. A first-of-kind team building tool brings all stakeholders together with regular and accessible information. ORHub specializes in business intelligence for the operating room, built by professionals from the operating room.

Industry Statistics: The U.S. market continues to grow, with over 5,500 hospitals and 6,100 ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) performing over 50 million medical procedures annually. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global healthcare analytics market will approach 50BN by 2024with a 5-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (“CAGR”) of 28.3% from 2019.

To view a previously released Microsoft Case Study on HOI and ORHub visit:

About Medical News Minute

Medical News Minute is a broadcast media company producing and distributing physician- and expert-presented health and medical digital content via a carefully curated digital health network. Healthcare providers and patients alike demand current and reliable medical information for educational purposes and to make informed decisions regarding personal medical care. Medical News Minute leverages digital platforms and video broadcast to deliver trusted, unbiased health information, medical innovation, and health-related news to the professional and patient communities.

With an ever-growing and comprehensive portfolio of digital assets, Medical News Minute’s priority is to make the latest in healthcare available to medical professionals and patients and increase patient engagement. Medical News Minute’s core competency is the creation and placement of streaming videos on medical technology and innovation, chronic disease management, medication information, adherence of hospital procedures, admission and discharge planning, behavioral and lifestyle changes, and the latest medical research. Medical News Minute’s latest venture revolves around immersive virtual reality (VR) and its positive impact on pain and anxiety management in a clinical setting.

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Although the Company believes the expectations reflected in any forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurances that its expectations will be attained. Such statements are inherently uncertain, and actual results and activities may differ materially from those estimated or projected. Certain factors that can affect the Company’s ability to achieve its anticipated results include, among others, uncertainties inherent in the development of a new software product business.

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